When meeting anyone for the first time, you form an impression of who they are and whether or not they bring value to the table. This is certainly true when you arrived for an interview. The initial impression you create will set the tone for your entire interaction. From the way you dress to how you speak with their front desk representative will be evaluated by the hiring manager. How can you ensure your first impression is positive? Here are just four things you can do to get off on the right foot.

  • The Clothes You Choose

Though casual workplaces are making a comeback, it is still a good idea to choose professional dress for an interview. You should be clean and neat from your hair down to your shoes. A suit, for both men and women, is still at the top of the list but you can also get away with other professional combinations. Skip the perfume or cologne since allergies to strong scents are very common.

  • A Positive Attitude

If there is one thing you should know going into an interview it is negativity is an automatic turn off. This can happen in a number of ways. Maybe you complain about your previous boss or company. Or maybe you focus on how little luck you have had finding a job or what personal problems are impacting you. Even if these things are true, they will not give the interviewer a positive impression of you as a candidate. Instead, project confidence and excitement to show your interest in their job.

  • A Good Balance

There are two challenges for communications in an interview. Job seekers can seem too excited or not excited enough. For example, if you are asked about questions you have for them, never just say “No.” Instead, prepare ahead of time and show initiative. But do not cross the line between interested and excited to aggression or arrogance. 

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