Working with a recruiter can put you at an advantage in your job search. Rather than only finding job leads on your own, a recruiter can come to you with opportunities that are a fit for you, saving you time and improving the quality of your job leads. How can you make the most of this resource? Check out these tips for building a relationship with a recruiter:

  • Participate in the Process

The best relationships, both personal and professional, require mutual participation. This is especially true when working with a recruiter. Do not passively wait for them to put forth the bulk of the effort. Instead, be an active participant in the process. Ask questions regarding what they are looking for in candidates, expected timelines, their communication method preferences, etc. to make it an equal partnership.

  • Maintain Consistent Contact

Even if you are not actively job searching or your recruiter does not currently have the right openings for you, it is essential to maintain consistent contact. Check in with them on a regular basis, just to let them know you are still interested or if anything has changed for you regarding your employment situation or goals. Often it is a matter of timing when it comes to filling jobs, so ensure you remain top-of-mind with your recruiter by staying in contact.

  • Be Straightforward

In order for a recruiter to effectively match you with positions from their clients, they have to know exactly what you are looking for in a job. To make the most out of your relationship, be straightforward with your recruiter. Communicate what you want in a job and employer, in clear detail. This will save you both time and effort and make the recruiter’s job easier.

  • Request Feedback

So often in job searching, there is a great deal of mystery regarding what hiring managers are looking for – you may feel like a perfect match, only to never hear back and never know why. A recruiter is your solution to gaining more insight into how to best market yourself to employers, so take advantage of their wealth of knowledge. Request feedback – ask if there is anything you could improve to present yourself better, such as on your resume or interview skills. This will show the recruiter that you take the opportunity to work with them seriously and will put in the effort to implement constructive criticism.

  • Respond in a Timely Manner

Relationships require respect. If you want to build and maintain a relationship with a recruiter, you need to show respect for their time. If they reach out to you, make it a priority to respond in a timely manner. Otherwise, you risk coming across as unreliable and they may not want to continue the relationship.

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