If you want to make progress professionally, whether landing a promotion or switching employers, you must take strategic action to make yourself stand out. If you are not memorable, you will not be top-of-mind to influential decision-makers. One simple but effective way to stand out is by starting a blog. Learn more about how starting a blog may benefit your career:

  • Showcases Your Abilities

A blog is an opportunity to be proactive and demonstrate what you can do. It can serve as a portfolio to display your previous projects, establish you as an expert in a particular area, as well as highlight your writing abilities (a necessity for most jobs). Even if you have never performed a type of work in a professional capacity, having it on your blog may be enough for hiring managers to give you a chance since they can see what you can do. Plus, creating and maintaining a polished blog showcases your abilities in technology, time management, organization, marketing, photography, and more.

  • Boosts Your Personal Brand

Developing a personal brand is key in gaining the attention of hiring managers or recruiters. Your personal brand is a combination of the factors that make you different from others, such as your core values, specific skills, personality traits, and passions. Starting a blog can boost your personal brand because it will be a source of building awareness about who you are and make people remember you.

  • Provides Opportunities to Network

Building your network of professional contacts can benefit your career in many ways, such as learning about job leads, getting introductions to hiring managers or other influential people, gaining valuable career advice from others, and more. It can be difficult to make time for networking, especially in-person, but starting a blog can help. When you interact with visitors who comment on your blog or if you communicate with other bloggers, it provides more opportunities for you to network – you never know how these connections may work to your advantage in the future.

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