Being focused on your job duties and avoiding distractions is the key to success, but if you outright avoid socializing with your colleagues, you could be missing out. Many hard workers have the mindset that when they are at work, they should only concentrate on work tasks; but getting to know your co-workers can help your overall career. Learn more about the benefits of developing a relationship with your co-workers:

  • It Will Boost Your Job Satisfaction

Putting in the time to develop relationships with your co-workers can make you enjoy your job more overall. Having a group of people you are comfortable and friendly with can boost your job satisfaction because you will have a support system, which can help you cope better with work-related stress. Even though you are at work to perform your job duties, having co-workers you get along with can make the atmosphere more pleasant – an important factor considering how much of your time is spent at work.

  • You Will Work Together Better

The more you get to know your co-workers, the more you will truly feel like part of a team. This will improve overall productivity and simply make your work life easier because you will work together better. Developing relationships with co-workers means you will know their communication styles and how to best request assistance when collaboration is needed. Plus, when you all feel like members of the same team, each of you is more likely to want to do whatever you can to help one another and not let anyone down.  This sense of responsibility means that requests from co-workers for their help will be taken seriously and given priority.

  • It Will Grow Your Network

Developing relationships with your current co-workers can also pay off in the future, even when you are no longer working together. As you progress in your career, who you know becomes more and more important. Many jobs, but especially higher level and more specialized, are filled via word-of-mouth by referrals. Putting in the time now to cultivate connections will grow your network, which can benefit your career in the long term by landing job leads, getting personally recommended for openings, or serving as references.

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