Job fairs can be a great opportunity to network with employers and recruiters if you make the most of it. Simply collecting business cards is not enough – you have to be prepared to engage in conversation and be memorable. Ask these five questions at a job fair to make a great first impression:

  • What skills are you looking for in your entry-level positions?

Employers obviously want to hire someone who will care about being a top performer.  Ask the employer representative about what they specifically are looking for in entry-level candidates. Often it is not necessarily technical skills, but rather particular traits (such as being a quick learner or willing to be coached) that are most important to them.

  • What do you like best about working at your employer?

You do not want to end up pursuing a job at an employer with a culture that you will not fit with, as it will waste both your time and that of the employer. By asking the hiring manager or other representative what they like best can help you gauge whether the culture sounds positive. Observe their tone and level of enthusiasm to read between the lines on what they really think.

  • What type of professional development opportunities are available?

It is important to balance your short-term goal of landing a job with what is best for your overall long-term career plan. To ensure you are not pursuing a job at an employer that will not help you grow professionally, inquire about the company’s professional development opportunities. If they make it a priority to invest in expanding their employees’ skill sets, there is a good chance it will benefit you for your future career goals. Plus, asking about professional development makes it clear that you are ambitious and serious about your career.

  • What traits do the most successful employees have in common?

To best market yourself as a top candidate, use the opportunity at the job fair to ask employer representatives about what the most successful employees have in common. Are they the type that can problem solve on their own with little direction or who are persistent and have thick skin? Learning about the contributors to success at a particular employer can help you know what qualifications to highlight to get their attention.

  • May I contact you in the future? What is the best way to stay in touch?

Networking is not a one-time event. After meeting a recruiter or employer at a job fair, you have to take action to make the encounter worthwhile. Asking about preferences for maintaining contact can help you learn the best way to follow up in the future if/when you decide to apply for jobs and highlights your level of professionalism.

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