The type of relationship you have with your boss is a major factor in your job satisfaction and overall career development. However, it can be challenging to determine how to best balance professional distance while still cultivating a closer connection with your boss. Develop a relationship with your boss with these tips:

  • Be Proactive

Opportunities to talk with your boss may be sporadic, so do not wait around on them. Instead, be proactive and ask to schedule regular face-to-face meetings. Having a standing appointment to provide progress updates on your tasks and projects, request feedback on the results and asking questions can help your boss get to know you better and see how hardworking and ambitious you are.

  • Empathize with Their Perspective

To build a relationship of mutual respect and trust with your boss, empathize with their perspective. Think about how you could be helpful to your boss or make them look good. Keeping their perspective in mind can serve as guidance as you make decisions on how you could best perform your job, such as opting to go above and beyond when completing tasks.

  • Volunteer Ideas

If you want to improve your boss’s impression of you further and have more opportunities to talk with them, make it a priority to brainstorm innovative solutions or other creative ideas. Volunteer these ideas regularly, either during face-to-face conversations or via email, and your boss will get to know you better and see you as an engaged worker.

  • Make Small Talk

Maintaining professional boundaries with employees is essential for your boss, but that does not mean you cannot have any type of personal conversation. Develop a relationship with your boss by making small talk occasionally. There is nothing wrong with asking if they had a good weekend, inquiring about the status of something they mentioned before (i.e., a book they were reading), and acknowledging their life events (like a child graduating.) Your boss is a person too, and most people feel valued when someone expresses interest in them.

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