Once you have applied for a job and submitting your resume, it is not necessarily time to play the waiting game. Even if you receive an auto-response after submitting your materials, you do not have to passively remain on standby – following up can benefit your job search if you abide by best practices. Follow up after submitting a resume (the right way!) with these three tips:

  • Time it Right

Do not follow up too soon after submitting your resume, or you put yourself at risk of coming across as desperate or out of touch with professional norms. Before you follow up, be sure to look at the job posting to see if there is a closing date for applying. Never follow up before the end of the application window, or you may seem like you do not pay attention to detail. If there is no end date listed, a good rule of thumb is to wait approximately two weeks before following up to give the hiring manager time to review the submissions and get the process underway.

  • Be Professional and Courteous

Since reaching out after submitting your resume is the first impression the hiring manager will have of you, it is crucial to ensure you make it a positive one. Be professional and courteous – follow any instructions for methods of contact (i.e., if the posting says, “no phone calls,” respect that boundary and send an email instead), introduce yourself, and politely state that you applied for the position and wanted to verify that your resume has been received.

Avoid being pushy or demanding – if you do not hear back, do not repeatedly continue to contact them – they may be busy. If they return to multiple voicemails or emails from you, they will likely be annoyed or frustrated.

  • Express Your Enthusiasm

When you follow up after submitting your resume, take the opportunity to let the hiring manager know that you are enthusiastic about the job and give a brief, company-specific reason why. Hiring managers tend to be more inclined to want to hire a candidate who has done their research on the company and seems most interested in the particular job they are filling, as opposed to a candidate who wants any job.

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