Job searching can be an emotionally draining endeavor, from the highs of excitedly applying for a job that seems perfect… to the lows of rejection after progressing through the process or never even hearing back at all. This is why job hunters can find themselves in a rut and unable to make progress – your motivation may wane after a while as you are putting in the effort and not getting the desired results. Get back on track – check out these tips for breaking out of a job-search rut:

  • Get Some Clarity

Contemplate what makes you feel like you’re in a rut with your job search to get some clarity into the situation. Are you simply struggling with motivation, unable to devote the necessary time, confused about your resume’s effectiveness, insecure about your abilities as a whole, etc.? You can’t fix the issue unless you know what exactly is the problem behind it.

  • Figure Out Strengths and Weaknesses

Once you have defined the core of your job search rut, review what’s working and what’s not with your current strategy. Brainstorm and figure out your strengths and weaknesses so far with your job search, so you can make a new, more effective plan. For example, if you tend to make it through to the interview stage only to not receive an offer, you can conclude that your resume doesn’t need improvement, but your interview preparation could need work.

  • Get a Fresh Perspective

You may be too connected to your job search to have the self-awareness to develop solutions to get out of your rut. Alleviate this by getting a fresh perspective. Ask a trusted professional contact to review your resume for you, work with a staffing agency and request their feedback, or read career articles or books. You never know what insight or new ideas you’ll gain to reinvigorate your job search.

  • Fix Your Mindset

A mental block is a common source of job search ruts, as it can understandably be difficult to stay positive and self-confident if you are not landing job offers or invitations to interview. Make it a priority to fix your mindset regarding your job search. Remind yourself that successful job searches are often up to timing, focus on what you can control, and don’t allow yourself to ruminate on disappointing outcomes or to practice negative self-talk.

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