Low morale is bad for business in many ways: decreased quality and quantity in work, lack of engagement and job satisfaction, increased turnover, negative employer branding, and more. If you notice that the overall tone of your workplace has become cynical or complacent, make it a top priority to address it immediately before its impact becomes widespread. Learn more with these five ways to boost your team’s morale:

  • Recognize Their Successes

Even the most self-driven high performer can start to feel like their effort has no purpose if it is never acknowledged. Improve team morale by recognizing their successes, both as a group and individually. Be specific with your accolades – do not just give a blanket statement like, “Great job lately!” Instead, tailor it to the situation, such as, “I was impressed with your initiative when you solved that project issue.”

  • Make Your Workplace More Fun

All work and no play can make for low morale among your team. It is easier to get motivated and even can be enjoyable to perform tasks when the environment is more fun. Consider how you can upgrade your workplace to be more upbeat, such as taking breaks to watch a silly video together, hosting lighthearted contests, or arranging for surprise catered meals or group lunch outings.

  • Take Their Frustrations Seriously

Do not dismiss your team’s complaints as bad attitudes that need improvement. Take their frustrations seriously when you hear them. Look into possible solutions if you can, but even just acknowledging their feelings and saying you understand their perspective can make them feel heard and not quite as disheartened.

  • Be Flexible Around Work-Life Balance

A common, yet easily remedied, source of low morale in the workplace is a lack of work-life balance. Consider ways you can be flexible for your employees so they don’t feel like their jobs are impeding on their personal lives, such as being flexible with the schedule for personal commitments, allowing for working from home, or avoiding contacting them outside of working hours.

  • Set a Positive Example

If you want to see a positive change in your company’s morale, set the example primarily with your own behavior. How you act greatly influences the tone for your team, so be intentional in your actions. Make it a point to be cheerful and make small talk with your team, let them see you respond to stressful situations with a proactive approach, rather than complaining, etc.

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