One of the key habits for productivity as a leader is to delegate any tasks that could be performed effectively by someone else, to free up your time to focus on the tasks that require your expertise. Hiring new employees is a crucial yet time-consuming task that could be effectively outsourced to a staffing agency with optimal results. Learn more about the benefits of direct hire through a staffing agency:

  • Higher Quality of Candidates

The professionals at staffing agencies typically provide a higher quality of candidates than if you posted a job listing online to your career webpage or a job board. Since staffing agencies are dedicated to talent acquisition, they have the connections and expertise to find top prospects. They know how to craft the most effective job postings to attract the right candidates, how to thoroughly vet them to ensure they are the right fit, and how to market your employer brand to be most appealing as a place they will want to work.

  • Saves Time and Resources

While you still have to juggle other business tasks in addition to finding employees for your open positions, staffing agencies are able to focus on just the hiring side. They can save you time and resources by handling the aspects of hiring that would be challenging for you to fit into your workload, such as building a prospective candidate pool on an ongoing basis, researching to find and reach out to passive candidates, responding to inquiries, and filtering through applications.

  • Reduces Chance of Turnover

Since a staffing agency is paid to perform the service of direct hire for your organization, they have a vested interest in maintaining the quality of their offerings to maintain a positive relationship with you and maintain their reputation in the marketplace. This reduces the chance of turnover for your new hires because the staffing agency will put in maximum effort to assess candidates for their overall fit, from the technical qualifications to alignment with company culture to their level of commitment.

If you are considering direct hire through a staffing agency, build a partnership with an organization, you can trust to have the right expertise and keep your organizations’ best interests in mind. Nesco Resource is among the leading staffing and employment agencies in the nation, and our team of professional recruiters are passionate about understanding the needs of our clients and matching them with the most qualified candidates. Contact us today to learn more about our services.