The importance of developing relationships with your employees does not change just because the new hires have a limited duration. Temporary employees may not be staying for long, but putting forth the effort to make them feel welcomed can make them more engaged and productive during their time with you. Build a relationship with your temporary employees with these tips:

  • Treat Them Equally

It is crucial to not contribute to a divisive work environment, in which temporary employees are separated from your permanent staff. Whatever you would do for your regular employees, you also need to do for your temporary workers. Invite them to staff meetings and lunch outings, ask them to sign a group birthday card, etc. to ensure you are treating your temporary employees equally to everyone else.

  • Show Personal Interest in Them

Just because your temporary employees will not be working for that long does not mean you should not get to know them. Show personal interest in them – make small talk and ask about their weekend, host ice-breaking activities to learn about their interests or fun facts, and check-in with them regularly to see how they are acclimating.

  • Be Accessible

Many managers say they are always available if their employees need anything, but then end up not being around to speak to or are unresponsive to messages. To build relationships with your temporary employees, prioritize being accessible to them. Let them know the best way of getting ahold of you for questions or concerns, and assign a permanent employee to serve as a mentor for them and to be their go-to if they have day-to-day issues with their tasks.

  • Express Your Appreciation

Temporary employees provide a very valuable role in your company’s success and certainly make the workdays of you and your team easier, since they fill in the gaps for coverage that could otherwise leaving you all overworked and scrambling to handle projects or customers without dropping the ball. Express your appreciation to your temporary employees, so they understand just how much their contributions positively impact the workplace, which will make them feel recognized as part of the team.

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