Job descriptions list the qualifications required to perform the duties of a particular position. Still, employers are also generally looking for other skills that are indicative of the likelihood of success if hired. From the hiring manager’s perspective, just because someone has the technical skills or years of experience does not necessarily mean they will be a great overall employee.  Boost your hire-ability by highlighting on your resume, and in interviews, the most important skills employers are looking for:

  • Technology

No matter what field you work in, technology skills are crucial – in particular, being comfortable learning new technology since it’s ever-evolving. Hiring managers want someone who will not hesitate to switch software, pick up a new automation process, and more.

  • Communication

The ability to effectively communicate with others, verbally, and in writing, will significantly influence how much value you contribute to an employer. Miscommunication leads to mistakes, interpersonal conflicts, reduced productivity, and poor morale – all of which cost employers time and money.

  • Critical Thinking

Hiring managers want employees they can trust to handle problems on their own without always needing constant supervision and explicit instructions. Critical thinking, in which you can analyze a situation or issue with an open mind in order to make a logical judgment, is an in-demand skill because it saves time and improves outcomes.

  • Emotional Intelligence

Being able to perform your job duties is not enough if you cannot get along with others on a personal level. Employers value emotional intelligence or knowing how to control one’s emotional responses to be appropriate for the workplace because it prevents the distraction of interpersonal conflicts caused by a lack of self-control, awareness, or empathy for others.

  • Innovation

The best employees are the ones who go above and beyond to add as much positive impact as possible to their employers. Having innovation and creative thinking skills is appealing to hiring managers because it means you are likely to bring forth new perspectives, ideas, and solutions that could benefit the company’s productivity and bottom line.

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