If you have an aptitude for science and technology and think you would enjoy the challenge of creating structures, machines, and more, the engineering field may be right for you. Engineering does require at least a four-year college degree, but the time investment will generally be worth it if it is a field that interests you. Learn more about the benefits of having a career in engineering:

  • Plentiful Career Opportunities

One of the greatest advantages of working in engineering is plentiful career opportunities. Job stability is unlikely to be a concern, as engineers are needed across industries and sectors. Whether you want to be on the front line of cutting-edge technology in the corporate world or work in the government sector, you will be able to have many options for workplace environments. Plus, there are many specialties you could go into, such as civil, electrical, aerospace, environmental, health and safety, biomedical, and more.

  • Job Satisfaction

If you thrive on creative brainstorming and solving problems and would be bored performing the same tasks day in and day out, engineering would be a great fit. It’s mentally stimulating since you’re always working on new ideas and projects or troubleshooting issues, so you won’t find yourself bored and feeling stuck in a rut. Plus, since you will have tangible results to show for your effort, it can feel like your work is driven by true purpose and making a valuable contribution to the world.

  • High Salary

Since engineers are in demand across so many fields and have such desirable skills, employers are ready and willing to pay accordingly. If you pursue a career in engineering, financial stability is unlikely to be an issue, as you will be in a position to command a high salary. The median annual salary for engineers is approximately $91,000, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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