Your resume is the most essential tool in your job search strategy. Without an effective resume, hiring managers will not fully realize what an asset you could be. Show how qualified you are and make a great first impression on hiring managers with these tips for writing the perfect resume:

  • Determine Key Qualifications

When you’re writing a resume, it is essential to remember that it is not a one-time project . You will need to update it to be tailored to each specific job for which you apply. Review the job description and determine the key qualifications the hiring manager is looking for in candidates. Ensure you make it clear at a glance on your resume that you obviously meet these key qualifications by putting them at the very top of your experience section.

  • Craft it for Maximum Readability

Do not make hiring managers work so hard to read your resume. The ideal resume is one that, in addition to having compelling content, is also pleasing to the eye. Craft your resume with the goal of maximum readability in mind: include white space, separate information into bullet points, shorten sentences, etc. If it looks visually cluttered with too much text, your resume may not get the closer attention it needs to be competitive.

  • Quantify Bullet Points

The bullet points that detail your specific job duties from your past work history should not just be a passive list of tasks for which you were responsible. Make your resume stronger by quantifying your bullet points to show how well you performed those tasks. Include any numbers or specific achievements to make the hiring manager feel more confident you would be a top performer.

  • Include Keywords for Preliminary Scanning

Since most job openings are posted online, it is very likely that an applicant tracking system (ATS) will see your resume before a human set of eyes does. As you write your resume, include keywords from the job description throughout it. This way, when the ATS performs its preliminary scanning, your resume will not be filtered out due to seeming unqualified because of a lack of similar words and phrases.

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