Being an effective leader is about more than just business strategy – the best leaders are the ones who can cultivate a personal connection to their employees. Whether you are currently a manager or are hoping to land a promotion, just like any skill you work to develop, you can also strengthen core character traits that will enable you to be the best leader possible. Learn more about the personality traits that are most important for a leader to have:

  • Honesty

The authority and responsibility that comes with being a leader requires the utmost integrity. Being honest should be a key trait, even if it means having to be vulnerable and own up to mistakes or not having the answers.

  • Curiosity

The best leaders are the ones who never stop learning. A curious nature will position you to always be gaining knowledge that could benefit you and those you lead.

  • Imagination

Success comes from developing your own ideas, not just following what the competition is doing. Being imaginative and constantly thinking about what new possibilities are out there, can foster innovation.

  • Be Humble

Being egotistical does not command respect, it simply fosters a distrusting relationship between leaders and employees. Acting with a humble nature, and treating those at all levels with respect will make people trust your authority.

  •  Be Empathetic

As a leader, you will interact and work with people at all different levels of seniority and backgrounds. It’s important to be empathetic and able to consider other perspectives when managing other people; otherwise, you will not be able to coach them for improvement or maintain their motivation effectively.

  • Be Courageous

Playing it too safe as a leader, whether it is being a “yes person” or not suggesting beneficial changes, will only hold you and your organization back. The best leaders are courageous and willing to take calculated risks. If you are too afraid of failure, you may miss out on significant opportunities to help your company remain competitive and successful in the marketplace. 

  • Self-Awareness

You will never reach your full potential as a leader without being actively self-aware. Taking an objective look at your own strengths and weaknesses and determining where you need to improve and how is the key to making the positive changes that result in significant growth over time.

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