The key to building employee engagement and longevity is cultivating a positive work environment. A company culture that is supportive and challenges employees to reach their potential is a major factor for job satisfaction. Check out these four ways to create an amazing company culture.

  • Make it a Strategic Priority

Company culture will not improve without a consistent focus and effort. If you want to create an amazing company culture that attracts and retains top talent, you must make it a strategic priority like any other business goal. Clarify exactly what you want your culture to be, from core values to the day-to-day environment to the traits employees need to succeed. Then, once you know what you want your culture to be, use that as a basis for decision-making across the board; from hiring decisions to how you interact with employees.

  • Show Your Appreciation

The foundation of a positive company culture is employee recognition. Even the most talented, self-motivated employees will eventually lose engagement if they do not feel like their effort is noticed or valued. A keystone habit to get into to develop and maintain an amazing company culture is showing your appreciation to your employees. Specific, time-sensitive compliments on a job well done to public recognition, simply expressing these sentiments to your team will foster an uplifting environment that makes them feel like their work has a purpose.

  • Promote Self-Care

Even if your employees love what they do, it is still crucial to their long-term well-being that they have work-life balance. A common concern among employees is that they will be seen as not being committed or hard-working if they are not the first ones to arrive and last ones to leave, do not answer emails at all hours, take a vacation, or even a lunch break. That is a lot of pressure, and it is unsustainable without leading to burnout. Amazing company cultures are the ones that promote self-care for their workers, and in return, earn their respect and loyalty. Be understanding and communicate that they will not be penalized for taking their earned time off or leaving at a reasonable time.

  • Hire Positive People

Many organizations sacrifice their company culture with their hiring decisions if they opt to select candidates based on technical skills and qualifications only. However, talented workers may not be an asset if they are causing distractions due to interpersonal conflicts or an inability to effectively collaborate. Organically developing and maintaining your vision for your company culture starts and ends with the people who make up your staff. When making hiring choices, alignment with company culture should be a crucial factor.

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