When hiring managers inquire about the circumstances behind why you left your previous job, it helps them gain a sense of your ambition and reliability as an employee. Be prepared to respond in a way that highlights your growth and professional goals, and ensures them you have no red flags about which they should be concerned. Answer the question, “Why did you leave your last job?” with these tips:

  • Be Straightforward

First and foremost: even if you did not leave your last job voluntarily, such as getting laid off or even fired, never try to cover it up. Being straightforward is always better – hiring managers generally understand that not all jobs work out. However, if they find out you were dishonest, that lack of integrity will be nearly impossible from which to recover.

  • Keep it Positive

Avoid responding in a way that portrays your previous employer in a negative manner. No matter how true it may be, saying anything bad about your old boss or workplace can make you seem bitter to the hiring manager. Keep it positive – for example, if you left your last job because it was a toxic work environment, you could frame it as you leaving for a place that was a better cultural fit.

  • Stay Focused

Do not get into too much detail when you respond. Hiring managers need a basic overview as to why you left, not a detailed story. Keep it concise with a two or three sentence explanation – if the hiring manager wants to know more, they will ask.

  • Show You Have Goals

Use the question to your advantage by connecting the reason why you left your last job to your overall professional ambitions. For example, you can mention that the employer had limited opportunities for advancement or that you wanted to find a place that allowed you to grow your skills further. Showing you have goals will make it clear to the hiring manager that you care about your performance and will likely be a hardworking contributor.

  • Pivot to New Opportunity

Finally, conclude your response by pivoting from the past to the future and bringing the topic back to the new opportunity at hand. Discuss why this position in question would be such a good fit for you and how what you learned at your previous job helped you become a stronger employee.

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