Complacency can negatively impact your career, so it is essential to focus on consistently growing and improving as an employee. Otherwise, you risk getting stuck in your comfort zone and not making any progress toward your long-term goals. Become a better employee in 2020 with these tips:

  • Overcome Your Distractions

Consider the major hurdles that keep you from being as focused and productive as possible at work – social media, chatting with coworkers, etc. To be the best employee you can, commit to overcoming your distractions. Delete apps or block websites, give yourself a strict time for when you can take a coffee break with colleagues, or whatever is applicable for your specific distraction triggers.

  • Prioritize Your To-Do List

If you feel caught in the cycle of being busy all day long but not feeling like you have much to show for it, it is time to start taking charge of your productivity. Prioritize your to-do list each day – determine your most important tasks (limit it to two or three) and devote your effort to those until they are done. If other items pop up, instead of reacting to the supposed urgency, schedule them for a time after you have taken care of your most important tasks. You may feel like you are getting less done quantity-wise, but you will see more results since you are not wasting time on numerous tasks that do not have a real impact in terms of results.

  • Grow Your Skills

Become a better employee by taking ownership of your own professional development. Make it a goal to grow your skills in a way that will benefit your employer. For example, if there are gaps in knowledge within your department, ask for training or continuing education. If you want to get to the next level and land a promotion, volunteer for more projects to gain leadership or other relevant skills and experience.

  • Have a More Positive Attitude

Obviously, the quality of your work is of the utmost importance to your employer, but being a great employee is also about your attitude. Even if your performance is excellent, you could be hurting your professional reputation if you complain or otherwise come across as cynical or negative. Commit to having a more positive attitude – keep your emotions in check, avoid gossip or vent sessions, and be intentional about looking for solutions.

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