The manufacturing industry may have a positive job outlook, but just because there is significant demand does not mean that hiring managers will settle for just any candidate. Be prepared to demonstrate that you have what it takes to take to be a valuable contributor. Learn more about how to have a successful manufacturing job interview below.

  • Know the Company

Do your research before your manufacturing interview. Gather as much information as you can about what exactly the company makes, the size, who its key clients are, its history, recent news and more. Knowing about the company will allow you to tailor your responses to be more applicable to their needs and will help you stand out from the candidates who did not bother to put in the effort.

  • Highlight Examples of Qualifications

Review the job description for the opportunity before your manufacturing interview, and then narrow down the most important qualifications for which the hiring manager is looking. Think of examples you have from your work history that show you meet and exceed these qualifications. Be specific and have metrics or examples ready to highlight. This will make your responses more compelling and convincing to the hiring manager because the details will show you truly have what it takes and are not just saying what you think they want to hear.

  • Make a Professional Impression

Although the manufacturing workplace may look different than an office with cubicles, do not make the mistake of thinking professionalism does not apply. Put in the effort to make a professional impression;  dress neatly and be well-groomed, show up early to the interview, make eye contact and smile as you shake hands and introduce yourself with confidence.

  • Show Your Enthusiasm

Manufacturing hiring managers ultimately want to hire the candidates who most seem like they truly want the job, as that increases the likelihood of them being committed to staying longer term. Stand out from other candidates by showing your enthusiasm. Genuinely thank them for their consideration, let them know what excites you about the job, and ask about the next steps and timeline for hearing back.

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