From Clients and Talent

What our clients say…

“Nesco Resource sources excellent candidates. Our experience has been very positive, and we’ve had candidates ready and prepared in a timely manner.”

Zachary Atkinson

Operation Manager, STERIS Corporation

“Working with Nesco is easy. Their staff understands our job requirements and  are always willing to help in any matter that arises.”

George Campoamor

Supervisor, Derby Industries LLC

“I have worked with Nesco Resource for many years. They always ask the right questions and supply us with good candidates that they have screened to meet our expectations. They work hard to find the right people for the job, quickly.”

Randy Godden

Production Manager, AMETEK, Inc.

“Our representatives are quick to respond to our needs with people who show up. That is critical to us. The people supplied tend to stay better than other agencies’ placements.”

Katheryn Robinson

Director of Human Resources, Impact Products

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What our job seekers say…

I have had a string of dead end jobs. I was particularly frustrated. You found me a job that may actually use some of my skills in a profitable manner where my employer isn’t the only party to benefit. My ratings are accurate. In previous jobs, I have been treated poorly and paid poorly in unsafe environments with threatening coworkers. This job has been a welcome change.

Nesco Job Seeker

2017 Talent Survey

One of the best staffings i worked at so far and the jobs are at good pay and very helpful staff.

Nesco Job Seeker - Livonia, MI

2017 Talent Survey

Nesco Resources has communicated throughout my whole interview/hiring process very professionally. I appreciate the personable and professional attitudes of this company, and these are some of the reasons why I provided such high ratings.

Nesco Job Seeker - Austin, TX

2017 Talent Survey

Over all, I feel Nesco has been very responsive to my questions and concerns. The work assignment was a great match to my past work experiences. I have room for advancement with the company they placed me at thank you Nesco!

Nesco Job Seeker - Lexington, KY

2017 Talent Survey

Read more testimonials from third-party surveys at www.bestofstaffing.com/agencies/nesco-resource/