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Reducing Turnover: The First Day

The first day of a new job can be daunting for any employee. But for individuals in the temporary workforce, the first day can make or break their short-lived experience with that company. While a temporary workforce may be motivated similarly to your full-time...

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Reducing Turnover: Flexibility

While temporary workers are often brought on to meet fairly straightforward needs, they are people who are driven by complex needs.  Often the difference between high turnover and low turnover is a conversation about what works.  According to a study conducted by the...

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Reducing Turnover: Safety First

Safety in the workplace is a major concern for all workers, but safety for temp workers has recently become a major focus for OSHA and for many temp agencies as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that about 17% of deaths from the workplace are from the...

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Reducing Turnover: Variations in Motivation

Understanding temporary employee motivation is an essential first step in reducing turnover.  Managers often incorrectly assume that temporary workers are only motivated by their hourly pay.  While wages are important to temporary employees, there are a whole range of...

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Reducing Turnover: The Two Week Window

In working with many clients, Nesco Resource has found that two weeks is a make or break time for employee turnover.  Employees that make it past the two week mark have a sudden and significant drop in turnover rates. Looking at that figure, it’s easy to conclude that...

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