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Creating An Engineering Work Portfolio

One big step toward gaining the engineering job that you are looking for is creating a successful work portfolio. Think of it as a tool to showcase your professional experience, credentials, and samples of your work. While the market may be booming for engineering...

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Elements of a Top IT Job Candidate

Elements of a “Top” IT Job Candidate It goes without saying that candidates for IT jobs need a strong background in computer science and programming languages. It turns out, the best IT candidates have unique elements that set them apart from others. Nearly every...

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Temping Dos and Don’ts

Temping Dos and Don’ts With the economy on the rebound, there are more temp jobs available than ever. Working as a temp can be an excellent opportunity to build your resume, experience a new workplace and possibly get your foot in the door of a company. It’s also a...

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Who to Choose as a Reference

Who to Choose as a Reference You found the perfect job. You’re ready to apply with a polished resume and cover letter. All that’s left are your professional references. Who should you ask? Which people in your career can best speak positively about you? Will they be...

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